Selling Real Estate

Most people don’t realize, buying a piece of property is much easier than selling one. There are far more steps throughout the process that are more difficult than when you buy. Although you can always sell your own home, it is never recommended. There is a reason more than 95% of all real estate sales are conducted through realtors. Just mismanaging the cost of the property and the negotiation of the purchase price could cost a homeowner thousands, which can far exceed the commission they pay for both realtors/brokers. If you are not prepared and educated enough to handle the following tasks, then call our team to discuss selling your property to our group of investors or through our team of realtors.

Please note: Our investment group purchases all types of real estate.

For a detailed explanation of these tasks and more please contact us to discuss. There is never a charge for our consultations.

  • How much is the house and the property itself really worth.
  • Getting the house ready for sale.
  • Actual staging or virtual staging.
  • What to do legally when there are tenants involved.
  • Marketing the property on the MLS and several other sites.
  • Marketing directly to other realtors.
  • Marketing throughout the community and through local publications.
  • Conducting open houses.
  • Scheduling and showing the property.
  • Answering a multitude of questions, some involving legality.
  • Working with Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, etc…
  • Negotiating and receiving offers.
  • Paperwork associated with the sale and the purchase.
  • Opening escrow and ordering title.
  • Scheduling appraisals and home inspections.
  • Dealing with appraisal and home inspection problems.
  • Deliver seller disclosures.
  • Negotiating and managing repair requests/demands.
  • Negotiating release of contingencies.
  • Sign title and escrow documents.
  • Close escrow.